About Us

LucidTalk Limited is a new recently formed company based in Northern Ireland. Its mission is to provide professional, in-depth polling and market research services to public, private, media and political and public affairs organisations, in Northern Ireland, Ireland, and Britain.

LucidTalk offers a full Polling/Market Research service including using skilled and trained ‘polling teams’, that can initiate and complete polling projects at short notice, but still with the highest level of professionalism, detail, and accuracy. This enable’s LucidTalk clients to reach their goals in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Fully aware of the market sensitivity of the results and data obtained from a polling/market research project, LucidTalk can and will guarantee that all members of our project team(s) from directors to researchers are aware of, and commit to, total confidentiality.

LucidTalk uses the latest polling/market research technologies and predictive methodologies thus ensuring the highest accuracy and most detailed and up-to-date results from each polling/market research project.

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Roy Garland was for many years a member of the Ulster Unionist Party who has been working closely with leading Loyalists from a very early period. He has engaged extensively with Republicans since the late 1980s.

He completed a thesis on The Ulster Volunteer Force: Negotiating History in 1991 and is author of a biography of former loyalist leader Gusty Spence. Roy contributes articles to various journals and is a weekly columnist with the Irish News and occasionally broadcasts on radio and TV.

In recent years he has spoken at The Irish American Unity Conference at Boston, the University of Chicago, Tusculum College Tennessee and Case Western Reserve University Cleveland Ohio. He regularly addresses US students in Dublin and Belfast.