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11 May 2015 In UK Politics

We got it wrong. Why?

The signs were there. Indeed, they were widely reported: how David Cameron trounced Ed Miliband as the public’s preferred Prime Minister; how economic optimism was returning, and reinforcing the Conservatives’ reputation. One YouGov poll five weeks ago generated the Sunday Times front page headline: “Tories best for workers, say voters”.

02 May 2015 In Local Politics


So we've now got the final results from our April Opinion Panel Poll, and the last before the general election on 7th May. If you've been following our monthly polls since January you will know that our Northern Ireland (NI) Opinion Panel has 440 participants and is carefully constructed to provide an accurate representation of Northern Ireland opinion - via gender, area of residence, age-group, community background, socio-economic group, and employment group. The opinion panel has a pool of approximately 1,200 members who regularly take part in LucidTalk poll projects, and for this project a representative sample of 440 opinions has been collated.