05 March 2013 In Local Politics

Alex Kane

By-elections, by their very nature and scarcity, are meant to be interesting. Indeed, for those of us who are political anoraks they are also meant to be fun! And for the electorate it’s meant to be an opportunity when they can pass an earlier-than-expected judgment on how the political parties have been performing.

20 March 2013 In Local Politics

Now that the dust has settled on the Mid-Ulster by-election (7th March 2013) it’s time for a closer look at the facts and figures.

07 May 2013 In Belfast Telegraph

The results suggest that our political parties, who were recently criticised for pushing integrated education off the agenda, do not reflect the views of the majority of people in Northern Ireland.

You can access the full poll results from here

18 July 2013 In Belfast Telegraph

See Bill White's latest blog article on DebateNI, the Belfast Telegraph's new on-line vehicle for politics and opinion in Northern Ireland. Bill looks at the old argument of whether an elected representative has the right to do what he or she thinks is correct, without regard to what political party that person stood for at the previous election. See what Bill says at: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/debateni/blogs/bill-white/do-we-elect-the-person-or-the-party-29424689.html - and please leave your views!

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