Bill White

Bill White

LucidTalk was founded by Bill White, a mathematics/statistics graduate, who has worked at the highest level in the ICT industry for 25 years, and gained significant business and project-management experience, plus key knowledge of the latest polling/market research technologies. In addition, Bill has in-depth ‘frontline’ polling and market research experience having worked on several major political polling projects in Britain (including London and Manchester). This included projects for the ‘Big Name’ UK based polling organisations and two major UK political parties (Labour and the Liberal Democrats) during the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Since returning to Northern Ireland, Bill has actively supported local political parties, government, and private sector organisations with polling, polling consultancy, and market research. This has allowed him to build up a wide range of contacts within all Northern Ireland political parties, and business and government sectors.

02 November 2012

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Some American states are little known and less understood outside the country (think Nebraska). Some are iconic. Nevada is sort of iconic. The state’s reputation is largely driven by that bizarre shrine to gambling, money and decadence in the desert, Las Vegas.

24 October 2012

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New Hampshire, the smallest of the swing states with only 4 Electoral Votes at stake, is an odd candidate to be a battleground state. New Hampshire is relatively rich, overwhelmingly White and very pretty, with more than its fair share of whitewashed churches, traditional Main Streets and wooded valleys which look resplendent in the fall. Granite Staters are famed for a flinty, Yankee, libertarianism enshrined in the state’s official motto, “Live Free or Die” and the fact that the state has neither a sales tax nor an income tax. But this is the Northeast and the sort of social conservatism that plays well for Republicans in many other parts of the country plays badly in a state where same-sex marriage is legal. New England is often said to be the most European region of the United States, and that is reflected in a European-style collapse in religious observance in the region over the past generation or so. Gallup in the mid-2000s found that New Hampshire shared the title of least churchgoing state in the Union with neighbouring Vermont, while the state also has one of the highest populations professing no religious affiliation.

11 October 2012

by Gerry Lynch

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Poll after poll has confirmed that, in the eyes of the electorate as well as more seasoned commentators, Mitt Romney enjoyed a thumping victory over Barack Obama in the first US presidential TV debate, followed by a definite bounce in general election polling.

Gallup, who have been testing the public response to Presidential debates since 1984, found that Americans said Romney won the debate by 72%-20%, the highest margin ever seen. Even Democrats judged Romney the winner, by a 49%-39% margin. The CNN/ORC international poll carried out on debate evening also found Americans rating Romney as the winner by a whopping margin, in this case 67%-25%.

03 June 2012

All polling, indeed all elections offer a snapshot of opinion on a particular date, or at a particular time. The key advantage polling has over elections is that they can occur more frequently, and therefore can show changes in opinion more quickly than formal elections, which by their nature only happen in 4-5 year cycles. The current LucidTalk poll has shown and confirmed a number of trends that have already been shown in recent Northern Ireland (NI) elections, and which many people would know are an accurate reflection of current Northern Ireland opinion.