LT Panel Polls

As part of their market research services LucidTalk do regular 'panel' research projects. The current schedule for these panel polls is:

: MLA Panel - members of the NI Assembly (with new mandate members i.e. after 2016 election) - 27 MLA participants (balanced and representative of the NI Assembly).  

JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2017: Public Sector Managers Panel - 145 participants

MARCH/APR 2017: Business Leaders Panel - 145 participants

MAY 2017: MLA Panel - 27 MLA participants

In terms of the upcoming MLA panel (October/November) in particular, some details as follows:  

‘Omnibus’ MLA (Members of the Northern Ireland Assembly) Survey - bi-annual October and April:

Similar to the research-panel project(s) that LucidTalk carry out with Business Leaders and Public Sector Managers our MLA panel researches opinions and views of members of the Northern Ireland (NI) Assembly (MLA’s). The target is to obtain detailed views from ¼ of the NI Assembly members (27), balanced by political party, age-group, region etc., with the research sample carefully selected so that the overall views of this group (25%) of members of the NI Assembly will mathematically represent the views of the total No. of MLA’s to within an error of only +/- 3.5%. The projects are currently scheduled for October and April each year, with full project reports available 10 days after project completion.

As per above, it would be envisaged that several partner-organisations would take part, and contribute research questions. Partners for this project would be allowed to contribute up to 4 poll-panel questions. All quantitative and qualitative (i.e. comments etc.) information is recorded, and detailed in the final reports.

Costs available on request from LucidTalk.