Peter Kellner is recognised as one of the World's leading polling experts. He is mostly known for presenting that 'famous' poll a few weeks before the Scottish Independence referendum, and then accurately predicting the final result on Referendum day before a vote was even counted. He also co-ordinated YouGov's polling on the UK Labour Leadership contest and forecast the substantial Jeremy Corbyn win long before any of the pundits, journalists, or bookies, had noticed the Corbyn landslide.

Here is one of his latest reviews about the UK-Wide EU referendum polling, which appeared in the April edition of PROSPECT magazine. Here he reviews YouGov's substantial ongoing Great Britain polling regarding the EU Referendum, and with regard to Northern Ireland, he references and uses our own LucidTalk Northern Ireland polls about the EU Referendum. Just click on the link below for Peter Kellner's latest EU Referendum review (including our own LucidTalk NI Polling!):

EU REFERENDUM: Provincial England versus London and the Celts