UK EU REFERENDUM - Seminar with 2 Days to Go!
Reviews, Polls, and Predictions 

LucidTalk are running an early evening seminar on the upcoming EU Referendum:
Monday 20th June 
(5pm-7pm, Hudson Bar, Gresham Street, Belfast 
- also entrance by Royal Avenue) 
- including refreshments and snack-buffet. 

Alex Kane (Northern Ireland Political Commentator)
Bill White (LucidTalk Polling and Market Research) 
+ Others - to be announced & NB ALSO YOU! - We need you opinion! - We want your views!

This early-evening seminar will cover:

- The EU Referendum campaigns - both 'Remain' and 'Leave': successful or not?
- Impact of a Brexit on NI and Southern Ireland
- Latest NI Polls, including demographics eg Gender, Age-Group, Unionists vs Nats/Republicans 
- Latest GB polls, including England, Scotland, Wales & some final predictions!
- How the results will be announced - The key area results to watch out for

Who should attend: Business Professionals, Marketing and Sales Professionals, Political Representatives, Political Staff, Media, Public Affairs Consultants, Government Officials, Public Sector Professionals.

Enroll now - NB cover-charge is only £8 and is 'costs only' ie this is a 'non profit' event.
Event includes refreshments, drinks, and a snack-buffet.