We enclose here the latest reviews and commentaries from LucidTalk as published on the Belfast Telegraph (online) - (a) A review of the US election polling including a reference to LucidTalk's Facebook post on the 27th October regarding our accurate online polling methods, and which includes a link to a US Poll review article which predicted a Trump win!, and (b) A review of how accurate the UK EU Referendum polling actually was - including LucidTalk's last (spot-on - accurate) NI EU Referendum poll three days before Referendum day.
Here are the two articles (just click on the title of the applicable article below) - along with (c) the link to the LucidTalk Facebook post (27/10/16 - 12 days before the US election) covering the three top US poll companies we track and whose methodologies we use for our NI polls, and (d) the direct link to the US Poll review article (published on the same LT Facebook post 27/10/16 - 12 days before the US election) which predicted a Trump win!:

(a) US Election Polling
(b) UK EU Referendum Polling
(c) LT Facebook Post on 27/10/16 - 12 days before US election 
(d) Link to US Election review article predicting a Trump win
(published by LT as part of (c), 
27/10/16 - 12 days before US election)