In a major review of UK and International polling since the UK General Election 2015, LucidTalk have been commended for their polling predictions and performance during and for the NI Assembly Election March 2017. In a major review of UK and International Polling by Sky NEWS - LT were praised for their polling performance in the recent NI Assembly elections. See (ie click on): SKYNEWS POLLING REVIEW (about 2/3 down: 'UK regional elections') - 'Elections to the devolved parliaments in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales get less coverage than general elections, and are polled less frequently. However, there have been some real successes in a difficult time for the UK industry. The one pollster publishing polls for the Northern Ireland Assembly in 2017, Lucid Talk, got the result pretty much bang on'. NB Apart from the LT reference(!), - This is also an excellent review about the UK and International polls since the 2015 UK General Election.