WESTMINSTER ELECTION - The Polls: Will they be right?

LucidTalk with U105 are running a seminar on the upcoming Westminster Election: Monday 5th June (6.15pm, Dark Horse, Hill Street, Belfast) 
Welcome drink, refreshments, and 'nibbles' all included. 

Speakers will include:
Alex Kane (Northern Ireland Political Commentator)
Daithi McKay (former Sinn Fein MLA)
Basil McCrea (former UUP MLA)
Grainne Walsh (Stratagem)
James McMordie (Northern Slant)
and others - to be announced

Topics: Latest NI and GB Polling, Seats to watch, Some predictions!, Polls and Bookmakers - what they say, What the NI Polling says about an Irish Language Act, a Border poll, the local Stormont institutions, Brexit, & more.. + a panel discussion (including you the audience!) about the local political situation!

Admission is free, but please register (for Nos estimation etc.): LT POLLS EVENT - REGISTER