LucidTalk have produced an Elections night guide with some of the seats to watch, and key points to look out for. The Belfast Telegraph correspondents are also at all the counts and will be providing ‘live’ updates, with all the latest information and trends – see for details.

See our guide on the Belfast Telegraphs political blog: DebateNI, including details of all the planned coverage from the Bel.

No pollster or political soothsayer can guarantee what will happen on Thursday. All we can really promise is to raise uncertainty to a higher level of sophistication. The closeness of the Labour-Conservative race is plainly one reason. If today’s polls are slightly out, or there is a last-minute swing, the results may confound all expectations.

As a way of a ‘warm-up’ for our April Opinion Panel poll results, to be published in the Belfast Telegraph at the start of May (a few days before general election day on 7th May), we’ve combined the results from our January, February, and March Opinion Polls into one table. We have also provided an analysis and commentary of the trends and patterns, and we’ll be able to see shortly if our April panel poll continues with these trends, or throws up some new results. For our January to March results, commentary, and review see