UK EU REFERENDUM - Seminar with 2 Days to Go!
Reviews, Polls, and Predictions 

LucidTalk are running an early evening seminar on the upcoming EU Referendum:
Monday 20th June 
(5pm-7pm, Hudson Bar, Gresham Street, Belfast 
- also entrance by Royal Avenue) 
- including refreshments and snack-buffet. 

Alex Kane (Northern Ireland Political Commentator)
Bill White (LucidTalk Polling and Market Research) 
+ Others - to be announced & NB ALSO YOU! - We need you opinion! - We want your views!

This early-evening seminar will cover:

- The EU Referendum campaigns - both 'Remain' and 'Leave': successful or not?
- Impact of a Brexit on NI and Southern Ireland
- Latest NI Polls, including demographics eg Gender, Age-Group, Unionists vs Nats/Republicans 
- Latest GB polls, including England, Scotland, Wales & some final predictions!
- How the results will be announced - The key area results to watch out for

Who should attend: Business Professionals, Marketing and Sales Professionals, Political Representatives, Political Staff, Media, Public Affairs Consultants, Government Officials, Public Sector Professionals.

Enroll now - NB cover-charge is only £8 and is 'costs only' ie this is a 'non profit' event.
Event includes refreshments, drinks, and a snack-buffet. 



LucidTalk are running monthly Opinion Panel 'Tracker Polls' during the build-up to the May NI Assembly election (now past), and EU referendum in June.

These are regular 'Monthly Tracker' polls of the established LT Northern Ireland Opinion Panel (now over 1,800 members). The LucidTalk Opinion Panel consists of Northern Ireland residents (age 18+) and is balanced by gender, age-group, area of residence, and community background, in order to be demographically representative of Northern Ireland.

The objective of these scheduled and regular monthly 'Tracker' polls is to research opinion on key issues at key points in time during this critical pre-election period + track changes in trends and opinions about key topics and issues on a monthly basis. These key issues include: Political Party popularity, Party Leader ratings, Key election issues, and EU referendum opinion.

For this 'May Tracker' poll-project our now 1,940 member NI-Wide and representative Opinion Panel was targeted, and invited to participate, and 1,090 full responses were recorded in terms of the final results.


Polling was carried out by Belfast based polling and market research company LucidTalk. The project was carried out online for a period of 60 Hours from 10am 17th May to 10pm 19th May 2016 (60 Hours). The project targeted the established LucidTalk NI-Wide Opinion Panel (1,940 members) which is  balanced by gender, age-group, area of residence, and community background, in order to be demographically representative of Northern Ireland. 1,343 full responses were received, and a data auditing process was carried out to ensure all completed poll-surveys were genuine 'one-person, one-vote' responses, resulting in 1,090 responses being considered in terms of the final results, and that the 1,090 responses received was demographically representative of Northern Ireland. 

- click on link below:
MAY OPINION PANEL POLL REPORT - EU Referendum and Post NI Assembly Election Review

Peter Kellner is recognised as one of the World's leading polling experts. He is mostly known for presenting that 'famous' poll a few weeks before the Scottish Independence referendum, and then accurately predicting the final result on Referendum day before a vote was even counted. He also co-ordinated YouGov's polling on the UK Labour Leadership contest and forecast the substantial Jeremy Corbyn win long before any of the pundits, journalists, or bookies, had noticed the Corbyn landslide.

Here is one of his latest reviews about the UK-Wide EU referendum polling, which appeared in the April edition of PROSPECT magazine. Here he reviews YouGov's substantial ongoing Great Britain polling regarding the EU Referendum, and with regard to Northern Ireland, he references and uses our own LucidTalk Northern Ireland polls about the EU Referendum. Just click on the link below for Peter Kellner's latest EU Referendum review (including our own LucidTalk NI Polling!):

EU REFERENDUM: Provincial England versus London and the Celts