LT Panel Polls

As part of their market research services LucidTalk do regular 'panel' research projects.

Specific target groups or opinion panels already set-up, and therefore can be monitored and polled on an ongoing and regular basis, include:

  • Northern Ireland (NI) Assembly members Panel – 90 members. This represents the total membership of the current NI Assembly.
  • Northern Ireland Councillors Panel – 146 members. This represents a quarter of the total Number of NI Councillors i.e. ¼ of 582.
  • Other Northern Ireland Opinion Panels available include: Business Leaders (Managing Directors, Financial Directors), and Public Sector – Senior Managers.

The current schedule for these panel polls is:

OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2017: MLA Panel - members of the NI Assembly (with new mandate members i.e. after 2017 election) - 33% (one third) of the NI Assembly ie 30 MLA participants (balanced and representative of the NI Assembly). For further details - see below.  

JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018: Public Sector Managers Panel - 145 participants

MARCH/APRIL 2018: Business Leaders Panel - 145 participants

APRIL 2018: MLA Panel - 27 MLA participants

In terms of the upcoming MLA panel (October/November) in particular, some details as follows:

‘Omnibus’ MLA (Members of the Northern Ireland Assembly) Survey - bi-annual October and April:

Similar to the research-panel project(s) that LucidTalk carry out with Business Leaders and Public Sector Managers our MLA panel researches opinions and views of members of the Northern Ireland (NI) Assembly (MLA’s). The target is to obtain detailed views from 1/3 of the NI Assembly members (30), balanced by political party, age-group, constituency-region etc., with the research sample carefully selected so that the overall views of this group (33%) of members of the NI Assembly will mathematically represent the views of the total No. of MLA’s to within an error of only +/- 3.5%. The projects are currently scheduled for October and April each year, with full project reports available 10 days after project completion.

As per above, it would be envisaged that several partner-organisations would take part, and contribute research questions. Partners for these projects would be allowed to contribute up to 4 poll-panel questions. All quantitative and qualitative (i.e. comments etc.) information is recorded, and detailed in the final reports.

For further details, and applicable costs, please contact LucidTalk on:

Northern Ireland (NI) Political Party Conferences - Surveys at the five 'main' party conferences - DUP, Sinn Fein, UUP, SDLP, and Alliance - fully representative of cross-section of 'political active participants'


During the 2016 - 2017 NI Political Party conference season LucidTalk are planning to run a poll-survey project across all of the 'main five' NI Political Party conferences i.e. DUP, Sinn Fein, UUP, SDLP, and Alliance parties.

The project structure is as follows - ie per conference:

- A 50 delegate survey carried out at each of the NI political party conferences balanced by age, constituency, gender, employment sector etc., to ensure a representative sample of opinion (of each conference). Each survey would have a maximum of 20 questions.
- Survey-Poll Questions would be donated by 'sponsor partners' (between 1 and 2 questions per partner).
- Each political party would be allowed to supply two survey questions of their own, for the research survey at their own party conference.
- Surveys would be carried out using professional tablet devices, and run from a designated stand at each conference. Participants would be given small gifts for participating e.g. boxes of confectionery etc.

Full reports would be supplied to each sponsor-partner covering the 250 responses (from all five conferences) - including individual reports (inc. graphics, presentation slides etc.) from each conference. 

Sponsor partner benefits:
- Five individual conference reports, and one complete report (250 full interviews) - all interviews with 'politically active/interested' delegate participants at each political party conference.
- Capability to present these results back to each of the individual political parties.
- Capability of publicising the full report results from all five party conferences relating to their own questions (i.e. the full 250 interviews) in media, publicity campaigns, and other promotions that the sponsor partner may wish to undertake. 
- Whatever the survey questions, the project is also an excellent way of marketing the sponsor-partners activities to a wide range of political activists.

The political party would gain:
- Full reports (similar to sponsor-partners above) relating to their own survey questions.
- Probability of sponsor-partners presenting their own project results (i.e. relating to their own survey questions) to the political party, relating to their own delegates views about particular issues + also (probably) the full report from all the conferences (250 interviews) relating to the individual sponsor-partners questions.

NB The agreed legal data-protection position would be that each sponsor-partner could only use each political party's individual research results for their own internal use, and for discussion/presentation to that specific political party. As such, a sponsor-partner will not be able to present their report from e.g. the SDLP conference (relating to their own survey questions) to the UUP etc..! - but they will/would be able to present the total (250 interview) results report, to other political parties, and to the media and the public, relating to their own survey questions.   

Costs for project participation - on request from LucidTalk. 

The LucidTalk Quarterly 'Tracker' Big80 Online Poll 
- What Northern Ireland really Thinks!

The LucidTalk Quarterly 'Big80' is a 80 hour online poll open to the NI Public. Taking place every three months, each poll is targeted to obtain over 5,000 opinions from a balanced representative sample of Northern Ireland (NI) Opinion. These BIG80 poll-projects cover issues such as politics, lifestyle, economy, education, health etc., in NI. We directly email invite up to 10,000 to take part, from our already established NI-Wide Opinion Panel, which is balanced and designed to be demographically representative of Northern Ireland. The polls are also widely advertised elsewhere including via e.g. social media etc.

We are hoping (and expecting) to achieve up to *5,000 participants for our next Big80 online poll project - scheduled for the 22nd to 25th September 2017. As well as overall results, all results can and will be broken down demographically, including by: age-group, occupation, socio-economic group, community background, residence area, etc.

Both public and private sector organisations can participate in our 'Big80' Quarterly online poll-projects as Sponsor-Partners, who receive a package of services including:

-          Up to two(2) poll questions to be included within the full NI-Wide online 'Big80' poll-project.

  • -          Representative Market Research across Northern Ireland (NI) - predicted participants for the upcoming 'Big80' is *4,500+.
  • -          Marketing and promotion of the sponsor-partners name and logo, background, and organisation/business, to over *20,000 NI residents who will review the online poll and therefore see the sponsor-partners name and organisation details (i.e. as well as their poll questions). NB the display of the sponsor-partners name and business details is, of course, optional.
  • -          Full results report relating to the 1-2 sponsor-partner contributed poll questions, plus full demographic analysis covering gender, age-group, occupation, community background, and NI region (11 areas based on NI local government council ares).
  • -          Follow-up Management presentation and Workshop to review poll-project results.
  • -          Availability of poll results and coverage in the form of ‘print-collateral’ to allow sponsor-partner to create their own publicity and PR material from the poll-project results and coverage e.g. brochures, flyers, web site coverage, publicity material etc.

* - All figures based on British Polling Council and UK Market Research Society research participation figures for online polling. NB The estimated 20,000 'reader' audience is higher than the poll participant No., because not all survey-poll 'viewers' will complete the survey-poll - but more than 1 in 6* of these will fully participate, and complete the poll-survey.

For further details, and applicable costs, please contact LucidTalk on:

LucidTalk ‘Electorate Connect’ is a specifically designed package of LucidTalk services (including polling), aimed at researching opinion, and in addition, informing a local community or targeted audience about specific political issues or subjects. It is a pro-active form of polling and market research, combining accurate researching of opinion, whilst enhancing the knowledge of, and informing the local community about, the factors and issues relating to specific political issues. This enhances the understanding within e.g. a geographic political constituency, and/or a specific political grouping about key political issues, and opinions, relating to a specific subject topic e.g. educational services, health etc. Each ‘Electorate Connect’ project is individually designed for each project, and comprises:

a) A Pre-Project monitor Poll - carried out before any of the main community interaction projects highlighted in (b), (c), and (d) below take place.
b) Focus groups – in-depth research with 10-15 invited participants.
c) Public Interaction events - larger ‘open to the public’ and/or ‘invited audience’ type events.
d) One-to-One ‘Deep’ Interviews - direct, detailed interviews, with key individuals connected with the targeted community. These individuals would usually have expertise in, and/or a deep interest in, issues related to the targeted subject and could be e.g. community leaders, elected representatives, business leaders etc.
e) Interest Group ‘Deep’ Interviews - direct, detailed interviews, with small groups (5-8) who usually have expertise in, or a deep interest in, issues related to the targeted subject.
f) A Post-Project monitor Poll - similar in structure to the pre-project monitor Poll, carried out after all of the main community interaction projects highlighted in (b), (c), and (d) above have taken place. The key aim of this Post-Project monitor Poll is to compare to the Pre-Project Monitor Poll and thus obtain a measured ‘before’ and ‘after’ view of opinion.

 LUCIDTALK – Project Deliverables

The LucidTalk Community Connect project deliverables, will include:

Full Quantitative and Qualitative analysis + Full Ongoing Reporting

Recorded comments: Made by poll participants during the poll project - Qualitative Analysis.

Ongoing and final reports: Which will include data tables, statistical analysis, summary and outline of approach, commentary, and a full report of all the collated results and data. Senior Management presentation: Which will include a ‘high level’ report on the key poll- project results, plus management level interpretation, commentary and analysis of results.

Option of Two (2) Half-day Training workshops: Apart from the normal liaison meetings, and project progress and review meetings, LucidTalk offer pre-project and post-project workshops. Pre-project workshops include: Survey design, approach, and methodology.
Post-project workshops include: presentation of the final report(s), in-depth results, ‘drill-down’, and cross-reference analyses.

Full and ongoing training, advisory, and consultancy services: LucidTalk offer full support in terms of presentation, marketing, and promotion of poll-project results and conclusions to e.g. general public, key stakeholder groups, public representatives, and media outlets.

For further details and information about Community Connects, and/or the range of LucidTalk Polling and Market Research Services, please contact us